Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! The world today has changed. It is all about networking. In the past, people only share their CVs/resumes to their potential employers when they are looking for a job; however, a lot of us are now sharing our CVs/resumes online even when we are not actively looking for a job. The same can be said about your property. What is stopping us from sharing our property online, even when we are not looking at selling or renting out our property?

Did you know, in 2020, companies around the world spend a total of US$ 336 billion on digital media ads? One of the main reasons why major brands do so is because they want to increase their brand value, which would translate into more revenue. Companies are doing so even before their first sale is made.

For some of us, we even allowed our Interior Designers (IDs) or magazines to feature our properties. By doing so, we are allowing IDs and magazines to use our property profiles to increase their brand values. What is stopping you from using your property profiles to increase your own properties' value?

Since increasing media exposure would result in an increase in value, what is stopping you from increasing media exposure for your home and/or properties you own? With Clicks®, you can do so for FREE! On top of that, you get to take part in our monthly/weekly campaigns and stand a chance to earn cash prizes! Go to our official Facebook page for more details:

At Clicks®, we totally understand this legitimate concern of yours. As such, minimal information is requested when create a PVP (Property Virtual Profile). On top of that, we have different privacy settings which cater to the privacy needs of different people.

You can make your privacy selection during sign up or at our in-app profile menu ("Hamburger Menu" icon > Profile > "EDIT" found in the top right corner).

Step 1: Click "SIGN UP" in the main screen

Image of Clicks main screen

Step 2: Click on "REGISTER AS AGENT"

Image of Clicks main screen

Step 3: Key in your agent registration number

Image of Clicks main screen

Step 4: Some information would then be auto-populated base on the registration number. Other than the registration number that cannot be edited, the rest of the fields you can input your own. Once all the necessary fields are keyed in, just click on the "Create Account" button.

We are creating the world's first online real estate/property network and we strive to create economic opportunities for everyone involved in the real estate and its complementary industries. This would include individual buyers/sellers/renters, real estate agents & companies, and all companies in and/or related to the real estate industries.

In the near future, be it looking for refinancing options, finding renovation ideas, sourcing for the best agents or interior designers and many more, Clicks® would be the one-stop shop for you. In fact, anything related to your property, we envisioned Clicks® app to be the goto place.

We mitigate this risk by using Firebase, a mobile development platform backed by Google, to manage our data. Firebase employs strict standards and protocols to ensure data stored in their servers are safe and secured. For more information, please follow the link:

Go to "Hamburger Menu" icon found on top left corner, click on the property you want to delete under "My Properties". Then click on "Pencil" icon to enter Edit Property page. Click on "Three Dots" icon located at top right and you will see the Delete option.