About Us

Changing the Game

Clicks® is a next-generation real estate platform dedicated to cultivating a collaborative community among all stakeholders in the industry. Our mission transcends the mere listing of properties; we aim to forge connections between renters, buyers, owners, agents, developers, enthusiasts, and providers of property-related goods and services, thereby enhancing the real estate journey for everyone involved.

At the heart of our approach is the integration of innovative technology to make the property search as intuitive as conversing with a trusted friend or agent about your dream home. Clicks® emulates this personal interaction, focusing on user-friendly design and seamless interactions that allow users to discover their ideal homes effortlessly, free from the confusion of complex filters and technical terms. Our human-centric philosophy, underpinned by a commitment to trust, connection, and unlocking economic value, is what sets us apart in creating a dynamic real estate ecosystem.

Meet Our Team

Image of Tan Chee Yeng

Tan, Chee Yeng

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Tan, Sandra

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Pang, Rousi

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Guo, Jianlong